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Primary School


  • In the initial phase the Junior Primary Curriculum is covered over 3 years (Grade 1 – 3)
  • The Senior Primary Curriculum will be covered over 4 years (Grade 4 – 7).
  • The Montessori materials are extensively used to enhance the curriculum. Primary school children study a variety of subjects with the emphasis on stimulating the child’s intellect rather than pure memorization of information. In the Primary levels the environment includes equipment for Language in English & Afrikaans, Maths, Botany, Zoology, History, Geography the Sciences and Life Skills, Computers.
  • English as a 1st language, Afrikaans as 1st or 2nd language and French as a 3rd language

Facilities for the Curriculum

 The class room is a carefully prepared environment that guarantees exposure to materials and experience through which to develop a learner’s intelligence as well as physical and psychological abilities. The said environment develops the child’s understanding of academic subjects at his/her individual pace and therefore meets the needs of children at different levels.

School Calendar 

Brooklyn Montessori follows the Gauteng government school term calendar.


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